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eNTER’s projecT – Presentation of the 1rst ONLINE webinar

The 1rst webinar under the ENTER’s project will be launched on the 7th April and will be presented by the partner E-Nable Greece.

The subject is about 3D Printing basics: Basic principles, Materials (PLA, ABS, Carbon, PETG, Nylon, Flexible and more), methods (Material extrusion, photo Polymerazation, Powder Bed Fusion, Material Jetting, Binder Jetting), general applications and applications for Innovative Entrepreneurial Ventures. 😊👥         

🔎 Learning outcomes at the end of the webinar are:

1. Describe the basic principles of the 3DP technology                                                       

2. Recognize the different 3DP technologies and identify the materials used for FDM printing                               

3. Describe existing 3DP applications and startups on the current market

Webinar duration: ⏳

2 hours with a 15/20min break    Quiz: 30 minutes max                                      

⤵️ Follow the link below to subcribe:     


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