European Development Foundation​

OUR team


— board of trustees

the supreme collective Governing Board composed from 3 to 7 members that has overall management responsibility


— management board

composed from 3 to 5 members, including the Executive Director, elected by the Board of Trustees


— executive director

elected by the Management Board among its members, representing the Foundation


— founder

Everything great that has ever happened in this world happened first in somebody’s imagination
Astrid Lindgren

– Founder and director

Master’s degree in Special Education and Psychology

Psycho therapy in Neo -Reichian school – Lugano, Switzerland, and another specialization in Organizational and occupational psychology – “Coach in group dynamic training and organizational behaviour” at the International Business School – Bulgarian
-Danish Business Department

Consultant “Integrated Learning” and “Early intervention” at the School for children with disabilities in Sofia

Specialized in Integration education
and Early Intervention in Perkins schoolfor the Blind and Multiply handicapped children under Hilton Perkins Foundation, the USA

Team leader and organizer of educational and psychodynamic
training, preparing and delivering
training in the area of mental health.


— member

If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.
Antoine de Saint Exupéry

– Board member

After a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in tourism, Svetla completed a PhD dissertation on the impact of globalization processes in the hotel industry and actively participates in various scientific studies in the field of economics, tourism and education 

The quality of the research carried out is testified by both a large number of scientific publications | monographs in academic journals and being guest lecturer at public and private Bulgarian universities on current topics in tourism and economics

20 years of experience in the field of tourism, marketing and event management, working as a tour guide, travel consultant, teacher, project manager and marketing manager in a hardware company

In her spare time she joins various international projects as expert and trainer


— member

The best way to make children good is to make them happy
Oscar Wilde

Board member

Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Master’s degree in Management and Development of Human Resources, PhD degree in Tourism Marketing

Certificate for training both trainers and consultants in organizational development, management and human resources management 

CIPO Director, a licensed Centre for Information and Vocational Guidance: one of the main objectives of this centre is to assist students | young people between 18 – 29 years old wishing to choose a new direction in their personal life or in their career

Maya has a great experience in European programmes also as a coordinator (e.g. life-long learning programme “Leonardo Da Vinci”)

OUR network



Social Firms Europe CEFEC is a European Network of Social Firms, Social Co-operatives, NGO’s and organizations that all share the objective of creating paid work for disabled and disadvantaged people 

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is the only network of Social Firms across Europe!

At a time when employment is increasingly difficult for individuals who are at a significant distance from the labour market because of their disability or disadvantage, it is essential to facilitate the start-up and operation of Social Firm and social co-operative businesses that offer real, paid, sustainable employment options within a supportive working environment

Social Firms Europe CEFEC is a truly participative and integrative network, working on behalf of its members across all the EU member states to promote the model of Social Firms and social cooperatives at EU, national and regional levels


- LetHerIn

It is an international network made up of public and private organisations, each with their specific expertise and experience, ready to share their knowledge, skills and values and collaborate with organizations that invest in human capital in order to eliminate the obstacles that women encounter in their equal
educational, labour, political, social and civic participation

Through mentoring, consulting, and implementing education and capacity building European programs, LET HER IN experts aim at supporting European citizens, with a special focus on women, in a wide variety of fields, starting from education, moving to the workplace and including civil and social
participatory processes 

LET HER IN seeks to design and implement programs to improve the work-life balance of all
women, reconciling their personal, social and professional lives, by strengthening their capacity, productivity, self-esteem and social responsibility