First day of LTTA under the Tried and true project in Turin, in Italy

European Development Foundation has participated on the 29th of March 2023 to the first day of the Training Teaching and Learning Activities under the Tried and True’s project in Turin in Italy. 😊
The aims is to develop good practices post-Erasmus+ for learners and teachers/educators. 😉
The general objective is to improve the capacity of the organizations involved or responsible of Erasmus+ mobility in terms of support. We would like to allow them to create a series of post-Erasmus+ (or any International mobility) actions or non-formal training for this audience. Also, we would start a dynamic to develop these ideas or initiatives with the learners directly, to involve them in these follow-up activities and to develop their participation in the local community. 🔎🎯
Stay stuned to get more informations! 📧
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