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In the New 2022 we start work on two new projects

In the New 2022 we start work on two new projects. 


The overall aim of the HEART project is to increase the capacities of the adult education systems in the partner countries to meaningfully engage adult learners with education and training through the use of robotics technology. The use of robots to help adult learners is a relatively new field, which has shown interesting results. Robots have been developed to support a wide range of educational activities, including training for specific skills, language learning, vocational education, continuing professional development and others. Specific robotic devices have been developed to aid learners with disabilities as well, including developmental, learning and sensory disabilities, communication disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders and physical impairments.


Projects objectives:

1.       Developing digital skills and competences (3D Design & printing) for young people with a focus on the challenges faced by the society and cultural/creative sector.

2.       Developing entrepreneurial skills and competences for Social and Cultural Entrepreneurship for young people

3.       The Design and support of a “Social and Cultural Entrepreneurial Hub”.

Project Results

1. Design Webinars for 3D Design  and 3D printing technology  for NEET’s  that focus on their empowerment to become pioneers entrepreneurs and develop ventures of  social entrepreneurship.

2. Design Webinars for Design Thinking methodology for promotion of the Entrepreneurial attitude towards societal challenges and creativity reinforcement

 3. Social and Cultural Entrepreneurial Hub, as an accelerator for creative and innovative solutions for local communities.

The first meetings on these projects are already planned in January 2022 in Poland and Italy. We can’t wait to start working on them.

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