M-LEARN’s project: ending is coming

European Development Foundation announce you that the M-LEARN’s project will be end on the 30th Of October. ⛳
We’re finalizing M-LEARN project this month and the M-LEARN Guide, our final product is available on our website in free access. 📧🤩
With M-LEARN’s project, we wanted to answer to this niche and to provide opportunities for 6 organisations working in different areas of mentoring to exchange good practices and to build
their capacity. 🚀🌎
The overall objective of this project is to improve competences of adult educators, trainers, tutors, mentors and business and social entrepreneurs in the areas of motivational literacy and effective use of innovative lifelong learning solutions. 🤝🧑🏽‍🏫👩🏻‍🏫
In M-LEARN project we planned the following results:
✅ 6 mentoring practices;
✅ 6 three-days LTTAs has been organised in all partner countries;
✅ 12 internal educators and 36 external educators have enriched their competences in the field of mentoring;
✅ A Best Practice Guide, summarizing the exchanged mentoring practices, has been developed;
✅ 6 local dissemination events will be organised to present the Guide and the exchanged good practices to stakeholders, educators;
✅ 4 Transnational Project Meetings organised and conducted;
To know about the project, get a look on our website: 
Thank you for the consortium of partners which work collaboratively to achieve the expected results. 👏😊
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