ENTER’s project- meaning of the logo

Do you know what does the ENTER’s logo mean? 🤔
The logo representing the ENTER project was born from the idea of wanting to give shape to the concept of accessible e-learning. 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏼‍💻
The letter E is surrounded by colored segments, each segment represents a concept, a learning, exactly like the purpose of the ENTER project, which will enhance online training and its educational and training contents, making them accessible and capable of enhancing the digital skills of those who will be involved in the project. 🎨🛠🆕️
A double meaning therefore, on the one hand the concept of e-learning contained within the teaching and at the same time a teaching close to the “E” as it is accessible, usable in online mode. 🆓️                                       
⤵️✅ Get a look to the website to get more insights:
⚠️ Don’t forget to join us to the 1st webinar which will be held next monday (07 of April), please find the link invitation below:
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