social firms cefec newsletter available

We are pleased to share with you the Social Firms Europe CEFEC newsletter #28 where you will have a global overview of these contents: 
1. 36th SFE CEFEC Annual Conference 
2. 2022 SFE CEFEC Award Competition 
3. 2nd edition SFE CEFEC Academy
4. Networking & Projects 
5. New members 
6. News from the CEFEC working groups 
7. Support for Ukraine
Social Firms Europe CEFEC is the only network of Social Firms across Europe!

⤵️ Get a look to the newsletter below: 
⤵️ If you are interested to know more about CEFEC and its activities, you can visit the website shared below: 
We are looking forward to hearing You! 😊

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