Project ELIS– Day 2 of the Kick-off meeting in Šiauliai, Lithuania, 25-26 March

During the second day of the #ELIS project meeting in Šiauliai, Lithuania, the partners focused on planning and implementing the necessary communication and dissemination activities that will lead to the promotion of the project and its results among education professionals and a wider audience.

The partners developed and approved a strategic plan for the implementation of events, in the field of school education, in the partner countries, which will present the resources created within the project.

The aim of these events is to stimulate discussion on the need to increase the capacity of teachers to effectively support #LGBTIQ+ students and their families, as well as to raise awareness on this topic.

The work on the project activities has started! The successful kick-off is in place!

The partners are more than ready to dedicate themselves to the mission of this project, which is that no matter their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, every child deserves to be understood and supported.

We would like to thank Edukaciniai Projektai for the warm welcome and the pleasant time we shared. We are looking forward to our next transnational meeting in #Iceland, where Móðurmál – the Association on Bilingualism will be the host.

Stay tuned for news about the interesting resources we are working on.

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