Team of ART: End of the project

European Development Foundation informs you that the Team Of Art’s project has ended on the 31th of January 2023. Below, the great results have achieved so far. 🎯🖼
In fact, access to art and culture is part of the basic skills and allows a complementary learning to reading and writing. The question of accessibility of an image, both in its feeling and in its understanding, arises in both physical and digital form. To be truly inclusive, image accessibility must include people with DYS problems, disabilities, etc.
Team of Art’s team has worked on many aspects:
🎨 1. The implementation of a narrative and visual approach in the presentation of artworks for learners with little or no qualifications and special needs. 
🎨 2. Combine access to European culture with the acquisition of basic skills.
🎨 3. Encourage innovative forms of cultural mediation and training using digital tools.
Also, 5 intellectual productions have been developped: 
➡️ A virtual exhibition of a wide range of artistic eras, styles and techniques,
➡️ An accessible glossary of key artistic terms, illustrated and accompanied by videos in sign language,
➡️ 10 pedagogical files that will allow you to work around the works told,
➡️ 30 practical sheets with advices for educators, workshop tips and tutorials,  
➡️ A pedagogical implementation guide.
Get a look to the website to know more about the project:
Les Apprimeurs Microkosmos MYARTIST Logopsycom Treball, estades i formació – Open Europe Reus European Development Foundation 
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